Technology Should Be Like Oxygen

The ending keynote at ISTE, Chris Lehman, did not focus his talk on technology,but on challenging us to dare students to do things with it. He said that technology should be like oxygen, “ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible.” In the end, it’s not about the technology, it’s about the people using it and how they use it. As Chris said, it’s about “people, people, people.” What I enjoyed about the presentation was that he was introduced by his students from the Philadelphia Science Leadership Academy poetery slam group. Chris is the founding principal of that school and writes a blog called Practical Theory (yes, another principal who blogs). I was going to write about his keynote, but if you click on his blog you can see it for yourself. Both the words of the students poetry and ‘entire’ closing keynote, where he focuses on the ethic of care, citizenship and agency, and making learning relevant to students now, can be found at Chris’ blog. If you’re interested in watching the video of the keynote, I would visit his blog and start 32:20 into the video with his students’ poetry.