What I’m Learning at Summer Camp

Have you ever dipped your toe in a lake to gauge the temperature of the water, and then without notice be thrown in? Well, that’s what it’s felt like this past week as I embarked on a little summer job directing a summer program. A few years ago, I was asked if I would entertain some sort of administrative role in education, and I couldn’t imagine for a second leaving the classroom. Since that time, though, I’ve been open to change and have toyed with the idea. A summer program, so I thought, would give me a sense of whether I should continue to entertain the idea. My biggest fear is leaving the classroom (I love it too much).

Like being suddenly thrown into a cold body of water, the initial plunge can be quite a shock to the system. After surfacing, one feels refreshed and invigorated. In terms of administration, I’m most interested in teacher development/coaching and curriculum development, and less so in the HR/Enrollment/Finance/Paperwork/Legal side of things, but learning about all these things has been invaluable. It’s a short but intense three weeks, but I’ve started moving on to the job I’ve been looking forward to: giving instructors feedback on their student objectives, doing rounds and trying to provide as much help for teacher growth.

Do I still miss being in the classroom? You bet. But I’m less afraid of leaving it. Perhaps, I can find the time to co-teach with a few instructors this week. 


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