Two Experts Agree

As a potential contrast to the title of my last post, I was steered to the article, How to Rescue Education, written by Linda Darling-Hammond and Fredrick M. Hess (I have to admit, I’m not familiar with his work). In the article, these two voices in education who usually disagree find some common ground regarding No Child Left Behind. They basically agreed on the following four ways that government should interfere with education:

1) Transparency for school performance and spending. Federal funds should be tied to truth in advertising. The taxpayers, voters and parents can hold schools accountable if these are made clear. This can easily apply to independent schools where parents can do the same thing.

2) Ensuring that basic constitutional protections are respected. Equity in education is an issue everywhere.

3) Supporting basic research.

4) Funding innovation.

They say that most everything else in education is something the government has never been good with.  Now if the government could begin finding common ground.


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