The Man Who Walked Between Two Towers

A lot of people have written and reflected upon the tragic day that occurred 10 years ago. It affected everyone in some way, and while have have memories good and bad seered into my memory of what happend, I thought instead I’d share a resource for children that I like to use.

It’sa Caldecott winning picture book called The Man Who Walked Between The Towers by Mordecai Gerstein. It’s a gorgeously illustrated book and tells of a joyous ture story of a man who walked on a tightrope between the towers just shortly before they were completed.

It’s a great story as it is unrelated to the events other than the words on the penultimate page, “Now the towers are gone.” The children I taught that day in ’01 are now seniors in high school, and the children I teach today were born post 9/11. Yet, the questions from the children remain the same and unanswered. I just hope they keep asking questions. Inquiry  is just the beginning.

A month prior to the horrific event, I visited NYC for the first time, and as a tourist, it was on my agenda. Below is my fond memory of the WTC. Below that is a youtube video that was made of the book. Enjoy.


One thought on “The Man Who Walked Between Two Towers

  1. Dear Anthony,
    today I found your wonderful image “anthony-wtc-aug-2001” on your homepage.

    I have to contact you immediately to ask you wether you would like to participate in our project:

    in 2008 we -Robert Ziegler and Stefka Ammon- started working on our private project MY_WTC. In Mai 2010 we published our first post on

    It is our goal to explore the question of the site’ s myth via (mostly) tourists’ photographs of the World Trade Center in New York City (August 5th 1966 – September 10th 2001). Also we would like to find out why so many people took pictures of themselves in front, on top of, inside or next to the WTC. Our project is about exploring the “specific aura” of the World Trade Center from the angle of mostly tourists from all over the world. MY_WTC does not include images of September 11th’s events and does not intend to comment on them either. It wants to explore how a symbolic architecture enters private narratives and claims global consciousness alike.

    On our photo-blog you can see pictures submitted from almost forty countries and, this is important to us too, the contributors can also comment on pictures with your memories and associations. We hope to create a vivid exchange.

    The wonderful text “Before the Catastrophe”, by Dr. Nicolas Liucci-Goutnikov,, shows impressively what MY_WTC is about.

    We would be very happy if we arouse your interest with our MY_WTC project. It would really be wonderful if you also submit your great picture! Maybe even with some comments or descriptions (year, reason for photograph…)

    In any case we are very much looking forward to hearing from you! Best greetings from sunny Berlin, Germany

    Best Robert and Stefka

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