An App a Day: Stick Pick

There are many teacher tool apps out there, but not all of them work well. If you’re an elementary teacher, drawing sticks with kids’ names on them out of a can isn’t a new idea. It’s a great tool to randomize the way you select kids. If this app simply replaced this concept electronically, it wouldn’t be that innovative. The person who designed this app actually put some thought into it so it does much, much more.

There’s no point describing it here when their website does it so well.  It was developed by a 6th grade teacher. I can’t wait to use it with my new class this year.


2 thoughts on “An App a Day: Stick Pick

  1. Hi Anthony,
    Found your blog when I did a vanity search for my app “Stick Pick” today. Thanks so much for your positive feedback. It’s so amazing to create something I wanted to use for my own classroom that other colleagues from around the country find useful, too. And then to read your words — really made my day!

    And best of luck on your writing. I, too, try to reflect on my own teaching and share my experiences with the world “ouside the walls of my own school” — though nowhere nearly as frequently as I should! Thanks again for the shout out for Stick Pick!

    -Buzz Garwood
    Stick Pick

    • You’re welcome. I look forward to using it this year, and will let you know how it goes. It’s so easy to revert to questions low on Bloom’s that it’s nice to have a tool to help improve and target a teacher’s questioning skills.

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