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WordPress.com (the free blogging service that hosts this site has grown to 355,215 bloggers. Every day, they feature 10 posts on their Freshly Pressed page. It’s quite flattering that they selected to highlight a post I wrote over 10 days ago called Is Cursive Obsolete? on today’s page.


Not only was it featured, but for some reason, it resonated with a lot of people, and comments are approaching 200! Try reading through all of that. Nonetheless, I’m grateful that people took the time to provide feedback one way or another.

If you look closely though, you’ll see several people who disagree with me. I believe it’s important to have dissenting voices in any form of social media as it gives us an opportunity to look at our opinions and reflect on the other person’s ideas. Often they may be things we never even considered.

I’ve only been blogging about a year and a half, and this is the third time I’ve been fortunate to get the extra presence on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed site. Each time it brings more readers. Most will go away after reading that post, but some stay and return to check out what this elementary school teacher thinks. It’s humbling, but I’m glad I can occasionally share a few of my thoughts with others and get that kind of feedback. It’d be great if more of that feedback came from people I interact with each day, but as I mentioned yesterday’s post, according to the authors of the book A New Culture of Learning, change has already been happening in the way we learn, and it will continue to do so rapidly. Teachers need to adapt to that change.


11 thoughts on “Featured on the Freshly Pressed Page

  1. Being a Newbie in the blogging world, my mind is spinning with all that is available. So, I did not know what “Being Freshly Pressed” was all about, although from the context that it was used on your post, I knew it was something good! Thanks for answering my question, and yes, definitely I agree – Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!!

  2. Congratulations on being featured!
    I’ve been thinking of switching to WordPress (from Blogger) and came on to look through the site, and that’s how I found your post on cursive writing.
    Yes, it resonated with me, as I am a strong supporter of handwriting. I do hope that schools continue to teach cursive writing in classes. I on my part continue to encourage my two boys to write in cursive.
    Good luck in your teaching!

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  4. Well, as another teacher, I’m glad you were featured, and I will subscribe. My posts are about writing, general observations (usually I make fund of myself), or education. So, it’s nice to find another interesting source to draw upon.

  5. It is sad to see cursive becoming less used. Most students I have met lately write in a most illegible scrawl, and the spelling is most unsettling. I was a teacher in NZ, though I live in illinois now. We still do an awful lot by hand there (NZ) and also our school system is more amenable to artistic, musical and dramatic endeavors while encouraging excellence. We promote writing especially original work. And often papers are not accepted unless handwritten, though cursive is not demanded. Though the spelling is dreadful there also!. I read recently that here (US) the teachers do not have to teach writing. I wonder whether you could write a post explaining what that means to you and your students. Even what writing means in your curriculum. Many thanks. c

  6. Unless you are from India why do you care? Cursive has not been taught, required, optional in American schools for 40 years. Now these in America disappoint me, I learned to write cursive in middle school and it soon disappeared while I was going through high school, so between late 1970s it happened. Cursive writing needs be required in American schools becasue soon, if not already, teachers will not be able to demonstrate or teach cursive.

  7. Congratulations on being feature on Freshly Pressed. Very cool! I’ve been blogging only since April, and I have to admit, I am truly enjoying it. I teach writing and communication courses at a college in Maryland and I love literature and films, so my blog focuses on many different aspects of those two subjects among others.

    My friends and I were just talking the other day about the need to learn cursive–the jury’s out on it. However, we all believe that keyboarding (or as it was called when I was in 8th grade–typing) should be taught to students at an earlier age, especially if teachers are expecting typewritten paragraphs as early as 4th or 5th grade.

    Thanks for the post. I enjoyed it.


  8. i too came to your blog through that 🙂
    waiting for my turn to feature on the page, it’ll take quite a long time 😦
    i like your stress-free, no strings attached approach towards writing. You must be quite popular among ur students 🙂

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