Something I Wrote is in Independent Teacher’s Spring Issue

It was fun to see something I wrote appear on another website. Independent Teacher decided to publish an article I submitted about making homework meaningful. I would rather not give my second grade students homework, but since it’s a school policy, trying to make it meaningful rather than just busy work or eliminating it was my main objective. If the purpose of some homework is to honor kids who need a little more time to finish their work, why ask those who’ve done the work to do more of the same? Also, when you give kids their own choices about homework, you’d be astonished how many of my students, motivated purely by their own curiosity, go well beyond what one would expect.

Anyway, here’s a link to that article. It’s my first, so I’m a little excited.


2 thoughts on “Something I Wrote is in Independent Teacher’s Spring Issue

  1. The biography homework project sounds wonderful. I could see it engaging the whole family with the youngest leading the show. I’ve always wished for homework that is designed to be done at the family dinner table – homework that brings the family together through engagement rather than homework that splits the family apart with tasks that must be done in isolation. Our evening hours together are precious.

    • Julie, thanks for the comment. It’s hard to find homework projects like these though, but I would agree with you that homework should bring families together rather than isolate them further.

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