Learning From Mistakes

Following up on my last post, I wrote that as adults, in order to learn, we too must take risks, fail, and then learn from them. There’s no point in fearing the risks, nor in failing without learning.

Well, this week included several risks for me as well as blunders. Hopefully, I will learn from these and move forward stronger and more resolved. Making mistakes or failure is difficult for most adults, and I am no exception, but I put myself out there, and know there are lessons to be learned. Let’s hope I learn them quickly. As mentioned in my last post, there’s value in being wrong sometimes, you just have to recognize it and move forward with your next iteration.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation don’t care if a project of theirs fails, so long as they have some sort of data that they can learn from. Obviously, they’d like the project to succeed, but it’s clear they have a culture of learning embedded into their organization and that’s what’s important.

Apple computers had the Newton – remember that? If you don’t, it was because it was, in short, a failure. That didn’t stop them, did it. Below’s another one. I think they learned from this.


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