Perhaps for your New Year’s resolution, you might want to try to strengthen your brain. Oliver Sacks has a column in the nytimes today that talks about how we know we are all wired differently, but we can continue to grow new connections throughout our lives. He says:

“While some areas of the brain are hard-wired from birth or early childhood, other areas — especially in the cerebral cortex, which is central to higher cognitive powers like language and thought, as well as sensory and motor functions — can be, to a remarkable extent, rewired as we grow older.”

Our brains are amazing organs, and we are just in the infancy of understanding how we learn, and how it can inform the way we teach. While it’s easy to see that elementary students are making connections every single day, adults can be doing the same thing too. So this year, find a few things you’d like to grow in, and enjoy rewiring your brain.

2 thoughts on “Grow

  1. I was looking for a picture to use for a book illustration and I can across this image of the girl with the wonderful dolphin/swan hair.

    Do you know where I can purchase the image from?

    Kind regards,


    • The image came from the same article I referred to in my post. I just added an image link with the url the way I linked to the article. The image has been removed from my post.

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