Teachers Who Blog

There are a plethora of teachers who blog and they do so for a variety of reasons. To share their voice and opinions, to use technology productively, to reflect on their practice, to share their learning publicly, and to hone their writing skills. Many teachers in high school use it to interact with their students.

One thing I have found is that I have learned a lot from other teachers who blog – still not on the twitter thing yet, but I’ll get there. Even if it changes in the next year or so, or is here to stay for a long time, we cannot fall too far behind our children.

Here are a few I’ve stumbled across:

The Tempered Radical – A teacher not afraid to speak his mind

iLearn Technology – if only I had time to try all of these very interesting things out.

dy / dan – former math teacher, Dan Meyer who’s gone back to school. It’s high-school math, but I’m geeky and wish I had a math teacher like that.

There are many more out there. You have to like teaching to visit. They aren’t celebrity gossip focused the way TMZ is, or often written satirically like The Onion. They’re just teachers who want to share what they do and learn from others doing the same.

There’s nothing good on TVs on Fridays so I watch TED talks – I know – nerdy. But even so, I came across this TED talk (less than 7 minutes) from another teacher who blogs. The topic is about the importance of taking risks, collaborating, design thinking, and the importance of facilitation.


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