Kid-Centred Learning

Apologies to my American readers. That second word in the title is spelled correctly where I am right now.  I joke that my first language is English, followed by Canadian, then American, followed by a little bit of Cantonese. I’m terrible at French and Spanish, but I can get by if needed.

That has nothing to do with this post. I just finished watching this TED talk and found it absolutely fascinating. What it confirms for me is that children need other children to learn. They may be able to do some of it alone, but they will achieve so much more if they collaborate with one another.  In order to do that though, they need to be both socially and emotionally well-adjusted. That is why any kind of social-emotional learning is so important. Do we have time to add it to an already burgeoning curriculum? Can we afford not to? Anyway, here’s the talk I was referring to.



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