Where Good Ideas Come From

I haven’t done a Ted Talk post in a while and this one is a great one by Stephen Johnson about innovation: where great new ideas come from, and what are the environments that lead to creativity. Ted is a great source of under 2o minute, thought provoking keynotes from some great minds. I feel fortunate to have listened to John Medina and Yong Zhao last week in person and there’s nothing like that experience.

I’m really excited about several lectures that I’m going to attend in the next month.

Sir Ken Robinson – on Creativity (I’ve shown his TED Talks on here before) Here’s a link to my previous post.

Michael Sandel (author of Justice: What’s the Right Thing To Do) who has also spoken at a few TED events before. Here’s his TED page.

Jane Goodall – who’s also spoken at a few TED events (here’s her page)

Anyway, here’s Steven Johnson’s talk. Enjoy.


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