School Garden – A Week After Planting

Knowing that I will have to learn a lot about gardening this year, one of my goals is to reflect on the process with my students. They are keeping a garden journal and for every entry they write, I will post one here. We can learn together.

We went out and took a look at our bed since the last time when we broadcast our ground cover seeds, used our senses, and recorded what we saw.

The rye grass was already growing steadily and the clover was beginning to sprout. The vetch (as our master gardner says) was still shy and we haven’t seen it germinate yet.

The compost is getting started and the kids are very excited about the worms that haven’t been delivered yet, but will be used to keep the soils rich.

One Week After Planting Ground Cover Crops

When we visit our plot again next week, perhaps they can take rulers out and measure the rye grass. Observing change is a wonderful process and I’m so excited that my students get to witness this.


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