Boys will be Boys…

… or does this attitude perpetuate bullying? We have to be careful what those things are. With girls, it can be more subtle, but just as powerful. There is a huge difference between a little rough housing and purposefully picking on someone.

The story out of Rutgers this week is a tragic and pointless one, both for the victim and the perpetrators, and who knows if it could have been prevented. Nonetheless, it’s important to try.

Kids need adults to step in and stop anything that doesn’t look right. We have to help both the victims and the agressors.

At our school, from pre-K to 2nd we use the Committee for Children’s “Second Step” program, and from 3rd to 5th, their “Steps to Respect” program. Besides empathy training, impulse control and problem solving, and anger management, it also focuses on affirming, asking, assessing, and acting. That final piece is one that is crucial. Words are empty, if we don’t act. If we are to train our kids not be bystanders, we as parents and teachers also need to stop being bystanders.

It’s never too early to teach a kid empathy and how to be accepting. The classroom or school climate is one where every kid has to feel valued rather than isolated.

Below, Ellen Degeneres’s  comments are touching and moving, but mostly an important public service announcement.

Last week I was at a fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and although the Senator’s speech was great, and the main guest speaker’s talk was fun, it was the speech from a female minister of an accepting Christian church that talked about how children come to her door because their own families have shunned them. Many never find a resource and end their lives. You would think that doesn’t happen today, but it does.

A coworker brought to my attention some of the work the HRC is doing to help stop this cycle in schools. The resource is called “Welcoming Schools“.

It is not surprising that two of the journals I read have articles on cyberbullying in their first issue of the school year. Let’s not be bystanders and stop the senseless cycle.

Click here for an article from Instructor

Click here for an article in Teaching Tolerance.


2 thoughts on “Boys will be Boys…

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  2. For me the main reason that parents send their children to school is that they want their children can learn and can actively participate with other children and not to be isolated in the school. And can mingle with the society. It is a training for them for not to be ashamed. Let us just help one another in achieving the aim that we are emphasizing. Children are very important in this society they maybe the backbone in our next generations.

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