How to Weather the Frustrations of Tech Integration

That’s the title of a great article over at Edutopia. I encourage you to read it. Like our children, we cannot learn if we don’t risk and fail ourselves – as long as we learn from those mistakes.

Today I left my laptop at home, but thanks to my dropbox account (it’s free up to 2MB), I was able to borrow a colleagues computer on two different occasions to retrieve a file I needed to print for the kids and an interactive site I wanted to try out in math today.

It would have gone a little smoother with my own laptop, but besides learning not to forget technology at home, I learned that there are many work-arounds. The best part is that next time, it will be better and that’s what counts.

One of the things I’ve been trying to do is just have one slide up every morning when the kids arrive with a morning message, word of the day, and math puzzler.

When the kids arrived they saw my writing on the whiteboard and asked, “Where’s the morning board work?” I pointed at the board and another student said to the one asking the question, “That’s the old fashioned way. That’s how my brother had to do it.” I taught her brother last year.


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