Gardening 101

Having a raised bed for each grade in our school is wonderful, and as I teach kids about gardening, I will be learning along with them as I go.

This week we introduced the grade to their bed which they will steward until they leave the school. When they leave their garden bed they will leave it to the incoming Kindergarten class. I love that idea.

Here’s what I learned this week:

  1. We learned about respect and responsibility of our garden and those of our neighbors.
  2. We would start with fall cover crops to add nutrients to the soil.
  3. These crops included vetch, rye grass, and clover (I had to look up vetch)
  4. We learned where our compost would go.
  5. We also learned about the worm bin and how the worm poop would provide nutrients .
  6. We broadcasted (more new vocabulary for me) the seeds and now we wait.

Students "broadcasting" cover crop seeds.


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