To the right, the Center for Wooden Boats and to the left, the future home of the Museum of History and Industry

When it is sunny and it reaches the mid 70s in Seattle in late September, one definitely takes advantage of it. A new park opened in Seattle (The South Lake Union Park) and looking around, I saw community in action.

Yesterday, our school hosted a Carnival for the children of the school and nearby community. That too was a fantastic example of community, probably my best since I started here.

This week, the second graders embark on a look at community. We define it simply: A place where people work, live, play, and solve problems. We then go on to learn about urban, suburban, and rural communities. We look at our classroom and school as a community, local communities such as the Pike Place Market, and communities of the past around the world and at home, keeping the definition that it is a place where people live, work, play, and solve problems.

The park has many fun water features for kids (and big kids too)

Walking to the park today was definitely a form of play (and really good for the brain). Looking around I saw people working (there was a farmers’ market set up), and the city solved a problem of making Lake Union more accessible to its people. They also not only had garbage bins, but recycle and compost ones as well. It was great to see parents teaching their kids about the difference and showing them where to put everything. It’s not the easiest thing, but it’s the effort that counts. Surrounded mostly by moorage, chain restaurants, and house boats (like in Sleepless in Seattle), it’s great that the water has become more accessible to those who live near and far alike.

This small but great beach opens up the lake to many.

Even the wildlife like the new park!

Notice the compost bin (they were everywhere).

Enjoying the water like this in late September is rare here.

It reminds me that I need to start exploring my school’s neighborhood and its many amenities.


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