Setting goals is something all our faculty, staff, and students do at our school each fall and I think I found my first and main goal: to simplify.

I think I found just the right book to start reading next. It’s called the Well-Balanced Teacher: How to Work Smarter and Stay Sane Inside the Classroom and Out. You can see the table of contents here.

As one of my colleagues puts it, many teachers sprint when they’re running a marathon. A good example is that this year, I am fortunate to have an interactive whiteboard that I haven’t had before and I started playing with it yesterday. Of course I want to be proficient with it immediately, but that is unrealistic. It takes time to purposefully learn to use tools like that to become a more effective teacher. Hopefully, I will have the patience for that or maybe I can be a quick learner.

I tried it today with some success, but it was a great teachable moment to my students in taking risks, making mistakes, and learning from them.


One thought on “Simplify

  1. Not only is this an excellent goal, Anthony, but one that can help improve longevity in our field, in our personal relationships, in our physical and mental health and in the longer course of quality life.

    I think every student teacher should read this book as they embark upon a potential career of 40 or so years. No one enters teaching, wanting to burn out before year five and yet it happens at a remarkable rate. I always instruct student teachers to take care of themselves first. Only when our lives are balanced and our cup is full, can we be of best service to others as teachers.

    Simplify……hmmm, that sounds like a goal that could create a way of life, over the long term, that is sustainable. I like it.

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