First Day

One thing I love about the first day of school is the multitude of feelings that parents, teachers, and students all have.  Excitement, anxiety, and anticipation are just a few. Today, we opened up a beautiful new building with a ribbon cutting ceremony. It was great to have the children witness how many people it takes to put something like this together. From past trustees, the former head of school, the architects, the construction workers, the people who dreamed it – most were there. It was wonderful because it showed the children that it took a team (several in fact) to do this.

It’s taken a few weeks and I’ve had a chance to get the room ready for the first day. It’s now up to the kids to populate the room with their ideas, work, and energy. The walls that house our school are beautiful (many new things are), but it will be the people (both inside and outside those walls) that make up the heart of the school. It will take many teams and our class is just one of them.

The all-school theme for the year is sustainability – there’s no catch phrase or slogan for the theme yet, but the official time period for that doesn’t start until January. With the privilege to work in a school with class gardens, a 500 gallon cistern, solar panels, green roofs, furniture from sustainable forests, etc. there is certainly going to be a lot of learning going on for everyone).

Detail of a bench by Seattle artist Juan Alonso. One of my favorite artistic elements of our new school.


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