Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards serve several purposes. Sometimes they can display items, like the work of children. Other times, they can hold information that can teach. And perhaps, sometimes they can do both.

With our theme of sustainability this year, I decided to create a welcome back bulletin board made entirely out of recycled or reused materials (including the information panel on the far right). The photo I’ve included below is a 15 foot bulletin board outside our 2nd grade classroom. On the far left is our school logo Consisting of our initials the E and the S below a setting (rising) sun. The slogan itself isn’t too original. It says, “Set Sail for 2nd Grade.” but if you look closely, the letters in that slogan are all created from shapes from the original E and S in our school logos. It’s an odd typeface, but I think it works.

Welcome Back! (click on image for higher resolution)

There are 10 sailboats, each with two names on them. The student’s first homework assignment is to create torsos of themselves for these sailboats. They of course can only use what’s in their recycle bin at home. Just in case, I printed out some directions on a quarter sheet of paper too – they could use the back of that if needed.

The panel on the far right (made out of recycled cardboard) asks the children to find at least three sources of renewable energy (solar, wind, tidal were the three I was thinking of).

Within the sustainability theme, we have been asked to focus on three areas:

  1. Sense of Place – with our school logo clearly placed on the bulletin board, our sense of stewardship, care, belonging, and respect from ourselves to our universe, should be a fun one to continue integrating into our curriculum.
  2. Transportation – Apart from sailboats on the bulletin board, I’m not sure how we’ll approach this with second graders. Perhaps graphing how they get to school, encouraging more walking, discussing how much energy it takes to move.
  3. Reduction of materials, and the responsible use of materials. Considering everything on that bulletin board (except for staples and  a little glue) either came from the recycling bin or things that were going to be tossed, it’s a good start.

I can’t wait to see what the little ones turn in tomorrow. Onward to day 2!

By the way, if you notice a little book on the ledge of the bulletin board, it’s titled Once I was a Cardboard Box … But now I’m a Book About Polar Bears.


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