Being Resourceful

I’m still running on fumes, so please forgive the dearth of posts lately. Our new classroom is almost ready.

I’m fortunate that I’m at a school that gives its teachers an amount to spend on their kids and classroom. Still, it’s amazing how quickly supplies add up.

Living in Seattle, one has to prepare for “Rainy Day Recess” and one activity many of the children (and grown-ups) enjoy is playing with Lego.

A table like this one

Cost: $299.95

will cost close to $300. It’d be nice to make that money go further, especially since there are always curricular resources and supplies that need to be purchased as the year progresses.

Well, here’s what I did. I took two “Lack” tables at IKEA ($9.99 each). Built the first table as is, attached casters to the second table top (no legs), and then attached them with velcro (yes it really works). I already had 3 base plates, so I only had to purchase one more – ($6.99) and affixed it to the top of the table with contact paper and some double sided tape. Oh … I had some extra wire baskets that came with some of the new classroom furniture that was just lying around too.

Here is the result:

Table from IKEA with wire basket.

Second Ikea table (just the top used - casters were lying around in the tool box at home) - notice the velcro on the corners.

So, for less than $30 (10% of the cost of the table above, I was able to make my own. Our school’s mission statement’s values mention being respectful, responsible, and resourceful – I think this project qualifies for the latter –  perhaps more $$ can go to lego purchases. They are not a cheap toy.

And, when separated from each other you have a lovely side table and a nice dolly if you should need it.


2 thoughts on “Being Resourceful

  1. Anthony, what a great idea! When you retire, some years down the road, you should hire yourself out as a classroom design consultant! You certainly do have the knack for this type of planning. Your ideas are practical, attractive and affordable!

  2. I agree with David! This is only one of your MANY great design ideas. Anthony, you are never at a loss for ideas and pathways to enriching our lives, in addition to having that great eye for design!

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