I still do not own a Kindle or iPad, but after two days of unpacking boxes (I’m only about two thirds of the way – and that’s just unpacking) – I am starting to think that these are going to change things in a big way. I would have to say that about 75 % of what I unpacked were books for kids. How great it would be if each child had an ipad/kindle and when it came time for reading groups they could all pull out their ONE device and get going. I’d probably vote for the iPad as it’s multi functioning and with the color may have advantages for little kids. Apparently according to some reports, children with autisum are using apps that help them develop social/emotional recognition in others. Having the same device also be able to serve other functions like reference materials, etc. would be wonderful too. In the older grades – customized text books may be use. As I’ve mentioned, there will be nothing as wonderful as a beautifully illustrated children’s book. Or a shelf of them displayed well. But after unpacking a libraries worth of books, one has to wonder if the new technology is better.

It might make impulse shopping for readers a little too easy, but when reading is what you’re trying to teach – why not!


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