Sustainability Includes Preservation

Yesterday afternoon, I took a tour of the Dearborn and Stimson Green Manors on First Hill in Seattle. There are really only four manors left in this area of Seattle which is filled with apartment buildings, condos, and hospitals. Seattle is a fairly new city. We do not have 16th century monasteries converted to apartments, so much of our old buildings, what we do have, is often worth preserving. Of course in a growing city, land becomes more valuable and the values of historical preservation and economic value often compete with the latter winning. I am grateful that we have some non profits like the Washington Trust for Historical Preservation, And others like it.

I love old things (my house is 100 years old) – but I also love the new (ipads in the classroom)

Our school is about to begin a new chapter with a state of the art green building. I couldn’t be more excited. We’ve preserved an older building and  connected it to the new by skybridge. Rather than razing the houses that were on the land that was purchased by the school, two were moved and relocated.

Progressing forward without forgetting the past is important. Our school is 50 years old. We have some great archival artifacts. I wonder if there’ll be a space for those in our brand new and inspiring library.

Stimson Green Mansion in Seattle


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