Article about a school using iPads in their classroom

North Adams Public Schools making use of iPads – North Adams Transcript.

Possibilities are endless. I’d like to wait for the next version of ipads (if rumors are true) – most likely a January ’11 release.

  • 7″ screens – much better as an ebook reader, video display, etc.
  • Retina displays – great on the eyes
  • camera and video
  • faster processors
  • easier to type on
  • electronic worksheets

We’ll have to wait and see what the price point on these will be and how good apple’s competition is. Remember though, price is only one value. How much it gets used and benefits learning is the most important factor. But I’m excited.

Also new ipod touches are soon to be announced in a few weeks – dual cameras, fast processing speeds, etc.

Earlier I posted about 20 uses for an old iphone in the class. I’d also be happy with a few amazon Kindles.

Below is a photo of my old iphone running google earth. You can see the crack on the lower left, but it works perfectly for everything else. Just picture 2nd graders using this to find out where their Flat Stanley traveled. And their abilities to learn about mapping an our world.

Google Earth Running on an iphone 3g (2 generations old)


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