August is Approaching

Having the summer off is really great for teachers. For me, just the slower pace of life brings so much calm. Of course that calm slowly disappears as the new school year approaches. Today, I decided I was going to need a little desk file rack and pencil holder for my classroom. But rather than go out and look for something cute from a stationery store, I decided to make mine – entirely out of Lego (a guilty pleasure of mine). Below is a photo of the result. During the school year, there would be no way that teachers could have time to do something like this, but the long relaxing summers in the Northwest let those who garden spend the whole day outside, those who train for marathons run to their hearts content, and just move at a more leisurely pace.

But as August approaches, teachers kick into gear and start preparing for our new batch of cherubs.

File Rack and Pencil Holder made of Lego - they also snap together


2 thoughts on “August is Approaching

  1. Outstanding! I love that you are “playing”, we all know a lot of learning happens when we play!
    I can’t wait to see your classroom, you’ve always had great learning spaces for your kids but I look forward to seeing how this new space reflects all of your thoughtful planning and some of the new insights you’ve gained. Happy Summer!

  2. I am so impressed with what you have done with the lego blocks. I will show this to Nicholas and Alexander and they too will be impressed and will want you to build them each a set.

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