“Knowledge is the most democratic source of power.”

That was said by Alvin Toffler. Jumping back to the book the Third Teacher, 7th chapter is entitled Learning for All. Every child is different. Get to know them well and do it sooner rather than later. Words matter. “Universal Design is much better than “Accessoble Design.” Create an environment for all learners. I read a book by Lou Pepper (former CEO of WAMU -when it was doing alright) and he mentioned when all things are equal you hire for diversity. If your staff is mostly African American, and three candidates are all equally qualified, he suggested you hire the one that makes your company or organization more diverse. I guess the same is with admissions and schools. While there is a lot of debate on single gendered schools, or schools that test kids to get in, I feel lucky that we admit a wide variety. Teaching in an independent school makes it difficult to get lower income families, but with our generous financial aid, hopefully more will happen. There are still no families with two moms or two dads and much fewer people of color. Nonetheless, our school is trying and after all, it’s Seattle.

Breaking down social barriers, both in parents and students is a difficult task, but one that has many rewards. I’m not sure how independent schools do when lobbying polititians, but I may have to try for some iphones and kindles.

One thing our school does well is its commitment to service learning. A few posts back, I mentioned a few of my favorite outdoor spaces. Our school has taken on the task  of stewarding a part of a large park in Seattle. Little kids pull invasive plants like black berries, mulch fields, and plant trees. all the while having fun.

In the end school should feel like an extension of home.

Sorry for not posting links and pictures, but I’m fading and just wanted to get this out. Thanks.


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