Top 20 Reasons for iPhones in the Classrooms

Late last week even after the iphone 4 antenna fiasco, Apple posted an incredible quarter. They also mentioned that for some reason they couldn’t get the white plastic right until the end of the year. I was waiting for that one, but decided that was too long to wait and got myself the new one. What to do with my old one, I thought. It’s headed to my classroom. Here are my top 20 reasons for having iphones in the classroom. If you have more, I’m all ears!

  1. It’s an ipod after all – kids can listen to audio books (formerly called books on tape) – and it can play music
  2. It’s an e-reader – even though I can’t read for too long on those small screens, kids can.
  3. It’s a recorder – kids can record themselves reading
  4. It’s a camera – kids love taking pictures and from their perspective, there are always interesting shots. Unfortunately my phone is 2 versions old and doesn’t do video (but I hear there may be a way to do this)
  5. It’s a drawing pad – just think, no messy fingers full of paint, no wasted paper, and a gallery of kid art
  6. It’s a calculator – you can even geek out and get one in reverse Polish notation
  7. It’s a clock – and a timer, stop watch, alarm – you can even get a binary clock.
  8. It’s a dictionary
  9. It’s wikipedia
  10. Kids can watch BBC or PBS clips on youtube (National Geographic, Nasa, and Discovery have great apps too)
  11. It’s a web browser
  12. That means it’s also a writing tool ( is a good example – a mobile google docs is coming soon)
  13. It can still be used as a phone without a plan over wifi (skype)
  14. A lot of educational games – Scrabble, chess, sudoku, tangrams, pentominos, (and a lot of games that aren’t) – there are also flashcard games, memory games, strategy games, puzzles, mad libs, etc.
  15. It can be used as an FTP server (if you don’t know what this means, ignore and read the next one)
  16. It can be used as a remote for your slide shows, used as a mouse, even be a remote desktop for your pc!
  17. It can be a translator or converter (imperial to metric, dollars to euros)
  18. Kids can use it to roll dice or flip a coin
  19. It’s great for mapping – google earth is amazing
  20. It can be used as a flashlight/level/ruler (you get the idea)
  21. (bonus) – it’s a musical instrument too.

If anyone reading this has an old iphone 3g or 3gs sitting around in a drawer somewhere, I am accepting donations for my classroom. I’ll also be accepting any old Kindles that would otherwise be unused.

Interesting story here – don’t know how legit it is, but a $35 tablet computer? I’ll believe it when I see it.


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