A Reminder to Play

Pixar seems to have a way with storytelling. I have enjoyed every single one of their animation features. I just came back from Toy Story 3 and while not my favorite, I still found it very satisfying.One thing that struck me is the importance wonder and imagination that children have when it comes to play, whether it be a cardboard box, doll, or make believe fortress. The movie reminded me how important it was when teaching lower elementary kids that toys should be part of the classroom. Especially for those frequent rainy day recesses here in Seattle.

My favorite toy as a child has never been featured in the Toy Story trilogy. It’s a toy that includes imaginative play and one that also involves a lot of math (measurement, ratios, fractions, spatial reasoning, structural integrity, etc.). That toy is Lego. The little plastic brick toys have evolved since I was a kid, but it’s one of those toys that at some point, some grownups decide it’s ok to play with again. Here’s a funny TED video of someone who explains this hobby.


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