Some Alternatives to Saying, “Google It!”

Sweet Search – sends kids to vetted sites for research

Google Squared – a semantic approach to search that google is trying out.

You Tube – yes, kids like non-print media, and why shouldn’t video media be part of their learning. A lot of great clips from BBC, PBS, or Discovery are available.

bingle – type in a search query and it pulls up side by side results – Bing on one side and Google on the other.

“Visit your library and ask your librarian” – no, this is not a website – both libraries and librarians are still vital and valuable resources.

Read Write Web has a list of 100 alternative search engines

And of course there’s your extended social network of friends, families, and professionals. Ever posted a question on facebook? It’s amazing how quickly you can get a response. Feeling a little behind web 2.0? According to trends in education mentioned at the ITSE conference in Denver, web 3.0 (social network related web use) is here to stay and can be used in productive and positive ways. I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to do with a twitter account, but even in 140 characters, people are using it in positive ways.


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