Returning to writers Dan and Chip Heath, their book that preceded Switch was called Made to Stick. The book looked at various ideas and the research behind why some of these ideas stick, is understood, and changes something. The Heath brothers found 6 common traits:

  1. simple
  2. unexpected
  3. concrete
  4. credible
  5. emotional
  6. stories

In case you didn’t notice the words also misspell succes(s), a mnemonic device, I suppose.

Both Pink’s, A Whole New Mind (see yesterday’s post) and the Heath Brothers’ Made to Stick highlight the importance of stories.

Would teaching equivalent fractions to students ‘stick’ better if teachers used a personal story somehow? Are kids today getting enough opportunities to tell stories themselves?

Here are some tools that might help kids develop their story telling abilities:

Lightning Bug – simple tips for young writers

Story Bird – Collaborative writing

If you recall the google story ad from the Super Bowl (about finding love in France), you can create your own version at this youtube site. My first attempt is below.


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