It Isn’t Easy Being Green

In a few months I will be teaching in a LEED certified building. I’m excited about using the building to learn and teach kids about sustainability, how to be greener, and ways to be more thoughtful about what we consume. From food, to paper, to water, and so forth, the opportunities seem limitless. Yet, the more I start to read about ‘being green’ the more skeptical I become about what it really ‘means’ to be green, rather than how it ‘feels’ to be green. There are some easy places to start in a classroom. Reuse paper before recycling, for example.

Use a cloth towel instead of paper towels is another way, right? Well, not so fast. Like the misunderstanding and confusion of the science behind the energy used when it comes to ‘buying local’, most people’s assumptions are not always correct. The cloth is way better than the paper towels, but the moment you put it into the washing machine, the paper doesn’t seem so bad.

Here’s a short video of a great, funny, and data driven TED talk highlighting how difficult it truly is to calculate whether a certain behavior is greener.

I couldn’t resist. Here’s Kermit.


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