ipod Touch in the Classroom?

Apple is trying to promote using ipod touches in the elementary classroom. One of their web pages features an article and video of a fourth grade class in Central Elementary School in Escondido, California using them to improve literacy. They’re not quite the perfect tool yet, in my opinion, each costs $199. But add a camera and video (coming soon, according to some internet rumors), lower the price, and I can see them becoming very useful in the classroom. They’re mobile rather than tethered to the wall and easy to carry. I imagine ipads will also be a great learning tool. They won’t replace beautiful illustrated children’s books – or at least I hope not. But they will replace most reference materials. Don’t believe me? Remember those encyclopedia volumes? Or even Microsoft Encarta? Obsolete.

What happens to the iphones and ipod touches people replace? I’m sure one or two may be sitting unused in someone’s drawer. Hmm, maybe I need to start asking people.


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