What We Should Not Learn From China

The article, A Crack in the System: What We Should Not Learn From China from the spring 2010 issue of Independent School, is well worth reading. It makes points similar to those of Yong Zhao who will speak at this fall’s PNAIS conference. Unfortunately, all too often, standardized tests are the only tool used to sort students or judge the performance of schools or teachers.

The author Bruce G. Hamnond states that “Chinese students are capable of feats of concentration that boggle the mind of an American, and they are superb with problems that have clearly defined parameters. But tasks that are more amorphous, or do not have an obvious right answer, are often befuddling.” and “The uncomfortable realization is dawning that two core missions of independent schools, once thought to be synonymous, are in conflict: preparing students for college, and teaching them how to learn.”

To read the whole piece, click here.


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