Happy Earth Day!

TeachPaperless is a great blog that provides ideas and examples of how to use technology in the classroom. Using Earth Day to push its mission of using social tech to promote learning, this forward thinking blog keeps nudging me to learn more. The blog is currently filled with Earth Day news, but there are many provocative posts worth a read. Here are a couple.

The Top Eleven Things All Teachers Must Know About Technology

21 Things That Will Become Obsolete in 2010


One thought on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. The problem with all the things that will become obsolete is that they require us to slow down and think. We want our kids to think (use their brain) rather than find (search Google). Why do I need to memorize my husband’s cell number when it is stored in my phone? Paper takes time to turn while a digital file is a constant down arrow. If multi tasking becomes the norm how will we ever raise children who can have the patience to spend 5 years on a doctoral dissertation? Who will we find who is capable of spending years thinking about next-gen relativity? I find it sad. How we feel about slow food now, we’ll feel about slow thinking 10 years from now.

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