The Price is Right

I received an early birthday gift this week: a copy of a NY Post from the date of my birth. The paper revealed a fairly uneventful day, but I thought the ads were quite interesting. With Apple launching the ipad tomorrow, this ad below of a 23″ TV from 1970 made me realize how expensive electronics used to be. Adjusted for inflation, that TV would cost over $3,000 today! That’s 6 ipads.  I know that’s like comparing apples to  – never mind. I’m curious if a classroom of ipads or other tablet-like devices will replace many textbooks, workbooks, reference books, or books themselves. A lot of people say it won’t replace the book, but then a lot of people didn’t believe that newspapers (in the traditional sense) would start to disappear. I wonder if kids would have as much fun with inflation calculators?


2 thoughts on “The Price is Right

  1. Love the blog! Happy birthday – you are almost old enough to be older than some of the parents in your class. Let that one sink in… I’m one who hopes that paper will never disappear as reading, to me, involves flipping pages, referring back to prior pages, and having a left side page and a right side page. I still miss the paper card catalogs in the library and pride myself on understanding the thoery of song placement on an A side and a B side to an album. Then again, I’m older than you. By just a bit.

    • Thanks for the birthday wish. I was just at the U bookstore the other day and also realized that browsing books on shelves will be difficult to replace. I like the large art and design books as well as the illustrated children’s books (I don’t think every children’s book needs to be animated or become interactive somehow). Some of those things (like A sides and B sides – which I do remember) will become something for us to remember fondly.

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