Making Math More Meaningful

What kind of math do you use every day? I certainly don’t use (or remember) half of what I learned in calculus or matrix algebra over 20 years ago. The math I need to know and use comes when I read research articles, look at students’ test results, or interpret data and graphs in political and financial news. Perhaps Arthur Benjamin’s right in his proposal to make math more meaningful in the 21st century. You can view his 3 minute TED talk below. What’s your opinion?


One thought on “Making Math More Meaningful

  1. I totally agree! My own personal experience was I loved all my math classes until I hit Calculus because at that point I could not see a purpose for that type of math. Secondly my teaching experience in the past ten years at the elementary and middle school level has shown me that purposeful, meaningful math lessons engage kids much more than the ones that they see no connection to their own lives. Since our world is more and more data driven why not emphasize statistics as Mr. Benjamin suggests. Thanks for the video posting.

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