Google and Code

The Power of Blogging

The wealth of resources out there, and the people willing to share them is incredible. Looking for a summary of a workshop I wanted to attend but conflicted with another led me to the presenter’s blog and a great summary of her workshop. She even included the slide show of her presentation (mac users only), practicing the number two principle. This workshop was called:

Be Like Google

Here are the 9 principles:

1.  Ideas come from everywhere
2.  Share everything you can
3.  You are brilliant, we are hiring
4.  A license to pursue dreams
5.  Creativity loves constraint
6.  Users, not money
7.  Innovation not instant perfection
8.  Data is apolitical
9.  Don’t kill projects, morph them

As the Future Catches You

Another speaker, Juan Enriquez discussed the importance of code, genetic code. I don’t even know how to start describing this presentation other than to say that I was humbled by how much I don’t know about the rapid progress in genetic science. I’m still pondering and I think I’ll just link to this summary. I don’t know if NAIS will release video of his presentation, but here is one from TED he gave about a year ago. Not sure what TED is? You really should check it out.


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