Care about what you do, and your students will too.

This morning’s session led by Mike Roberts was titled,

How to Be the Type of Teacher They Make Movies About

Build relationships with your students. It’s that simple!

Robert presented his list of 9 things that make great teachers. It was a simple and wonderful list. He then played a clip of teaching moments from various movies as examples. Did he include the scene from Dead Poets Society where the kids salute John Keating with ‘O Captain! My Captain!’? Of course he did, and even though I’ve seen that clip over a dozen times, it made me tear up yet again.

His list paraphrased:

  1. Connect with kids
  2. Care
  3. Be involved in their lives
  4. Keep things in perspective
  5. Adapt your curriculum to your kids’ interests
  6. Show the kids your non-teacher side (how do you expect them to share with you, if you don’t share with them)
  7. Challenge every kid – set a high, but achieveable bar
  8. Allow yourself and your kids to make mistakes
  9. Push the envelope a bit  (this speaks to what most presenters today had in common with each other: We need to start adapting to the wold the kids live in and stop trying to make them adapt to ours)…

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