This story is really silly, but nonetheless, I thought it would be fun to share. South Korea is spending $45 million to put teaching robots in pre-k and kindergarten schools to teach English. Due to a shortage in accredited English teachers, they are resorting to robots. There are those that argue that if it can be automated, it will be. While I do not foresee cute little robots replacing teachers anytime soon, I suppose we have to ask ourselves if any part of our teaching has become mechanized. If so, how do we ensure that what we do remains relevant.

As an aside, I was at the symphony last week, and while I was mesmerized by the performance, I couldn’t help but think about how difficult it would be for an organization like that to be sustainable. Looking around me, I saw an audience with very little diversity in terms of age. It skewed heavily to the retired. That should be frightening to any organization. Especially in this economy.


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