Disrupting Class

The future seems to be a popular theme. We can’t guess what it’ll look like, but some are trying. The authors of this book talk about customization of curriculum for individual students, which I agree with and can see happening to some degree. The author says that this can be done with software; that education should be computer based and that the proper feedback systems, etc. can all be programmed. What I find lacking from this book is that we need to collaborate and work together, not just in virtual worlds, but we also have to interact with one another in the real physical world that we live in. As far as school reform goes, I do see more screen time with students, but I really think we need to teach kids how to work together to solve problems. I’d like to see software that does that. I’m surprised the book got such praise and did so well. Available from the Seattle Public Library.


One thought on “Disrupting Class

  1. Pat Bassett used portions of this book in his Annual Meeting presentation. One stat that he cites is that 50% of secondary school classes will be online in 2019. That’s 9 years from now. Your second graders will be juniors in high school. Makes me wonder how and/or if we start to alter our program to get them ready. Glad you are enjoying the conference!

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